понедельник, апреля 20, 2009

Христос воскрес! Ричард хочет в Инту...

С праздником Пасхи всех, кто здесь оказался!
А мне тут пришло поздравление от гарного австрийского хлопца :)))

Hello dimonoid,

my Name is Richard and I have a problem concerning the travel conditions in your region (Inta- Polar Ural- Narodnaja Gora- Manaraga Gora). Me and a friend have decided to travel to Russia this summer (at the begin of july) and the main target is the highest mountain of the Ural, the "Narodnaja Gora". Unfortunately, i do only know a little of this region in your home country. I have seen on Google Maps that there is a road which leads from Inta to the Narodnaja Mountain and there is even a small village at the end of this road. But now I have some questions ;-) :

1. First of all, is it ALLOWED to climb this mountain ( i have heard that there are some regions where it is NOT possible to pass because it is Military - closed- area.)?

2. Are there any trucks or sort of "taxi" which I can hire in Inta to get from the city to this Village near to the Narodnaja Gora?

3. What about the weather conditions in july in the Ural mountains?

4. What about Inta. Are there hotels, guides or any types of tourism?

5. At the moment, I am learning the russian language at University, but only for a month and you know, your language is not the easiest one for a dumb austrian guy ;-) So my question is, are there many people in your town which speak the same perfect english (as you do) or (maybe) even german?

6. Are there any other authorities considered to be known (I heard that the company "GAZPROM" has one of there pipelines in this area- do I need an extra accredidation to enter this mountains?)

I am sorry that I annoy you, but maybe you can answer some of my questions. It would be so great, because it seems that nobody here in Austria knows anything about your homecountry (even the travel agencys are incompetent)

I whish you great easter holidays,
So long,

P.S.: sorry that I am not able to write this message in Russian, but I will improve;-)

Не знаю чем ему помочь, боюсь не найдёт он в Инте такси до горы Народная :)))

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Alex комментирует...

Kone4no ne vopros!!!:)))
Taxi eto jeltaja takaja mawinka s 4ernumi wawe4kami ---
kotoraja kak raz do Village '' Gora narodnja'' i doveze''t!!!:)))davno tak ne smejalsja!!!